Creative Bird team

Creative Bird team

Our team is absolute fans of the work. We prefer clarity of processes, freedom of thought and creativity. Most importantly: we stand for discipline and work done on time. The deadline is not an empty phrase for us. Our professional growth continues in the projects of each client day after day, because it is necessary to work for the future today.

Bulbul Aliyeva


– will write a marketing strategy
– will make a full audit of the brand
– will compose a semantic platform and a promotion concept

Yulia Zotova


The fairy-sorceress who does some strange things to make everything work.

– will streamline a website, a new page, will make edits on the website;
– will set up integration with any service, connect dispatch, notifications, etc .;
– will establish acceptance of payments, correct operation of forms;
– will solve all the technical nuances or find the one that can do it.

Anastasia Sukhova

Project Manager

– sets tasks and coordinates the work of the team;
– controls deadlines.

Nino Khutsishvili

Copywriter (Georgian)

– will make presentations, commercial proposals, interface of applications and services;
– will make mega-creative social media stories.

Джамал Эзизова

Копирайтер (русский и английский языки)

– Составит контент-план
– Напишет текст в любом жанре на двух языках

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